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Explaining the theme

How the Assembly theme is interpreted

The Assembly theme, One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, is drawn from Ephesians 4:4 (NRSV): “There is one body, one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called”.

One Body

This element represents our relationship as one body of Christ, rooted in the love of Christ, centered in the cross of Christ and our sacramental life together, and united in service to God’s creation. It expresses the body of Christ rejoicing together, liberated by grace, with arms reaching out to the world in holistic mission. It also reminds us that we are inextricably connected to each other and all creation. We see in this image a spirit of welcome and hospitality, reflecting the city of Kraków and the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Poland, the host for the Assembly.

One Spirit

This element represents our connection in and through the work of the Holy Spirit. The dove as the Holy Spirit moving us, igniting renewal in the church, our communities, and the world. The dove also serves as a symbol of peace and unity, drawing upon the theme of the Assembly biblical text from Ephesians 4:3-4. This image of unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace is a reminder of God’s transformative work of justice, peace and reconciliation.

One Hope

This element represents the hope we have in our faith, rooted in Christ - hope that springs forth like leaves on a branch, bearing new life. The three leaves represent our Trinitarian theology as Lutherans and combined with the branch reflect the commitment of the LWF Communion of churches to ecological and economic justice. The branch in this design is a direct reference to the branch carried by the dove in the LWF logo – tying together the themes of reconciliation through advocacy and dialogue as well as stewardship of creation.