Visual Identity

The story behind the Thirteenth Assembly logo

The visual identity is an integral element of the Assembly. The logo we have selected is a bold expression of our connectedness as one body in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit and called to share the transformative hope and love of God with the world.

The visual elements, representing the theme of the Thirteenth Assembly – One Body, One Spirit, One Hope – come together to uplift, inspire and challenge us as we gather in Kraków, Poland and throughout the world in 2023.

The Assembly logo draws inspiration from the local context and cultural heritage of Poland. One of the most popular forms of traditional artwork in the region is paper cut designs, known as wycinanki. These intricate pieces usually include shapes of people and nature portrayed together using bright colors. The people, dove and tree in the Assembly logo unite to form a modern representation of this art form. The color palette consists of two colors from the LWF visual identity alongside three unique to the Assembly: poppy red, Baltic Sea blue and amber yellow. These colors celebrate the natural beauty and artistic heritage of Poland and its people.

In 2024, Polish American artist and theologian Kristen Opalinski has won top awards for her designs illustrating the Krakow Assembly theme of ‘One Body, One Spirit, One Hope’. Read the story.

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