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Discover the many facets of the Thirteenth Assembly

The Assembly program comprises a rich array of events: from the opening ceremony, worship, prayers, Bible study and visits, to plenary sessions and the business of the Assembly.

The schedule and daily program of the Assembly is predicated in morning prayer and reflection on the Assembly theme, One Body, One Spirit, One Hope. Each morning, attendees will use the theme and subthemes as the basis for the day’s activities.

The Assembly offers attendees a program that Is both full and rich, and which is presented in three dimensions.

The first dimension is that of celebration of the Communion’s common faith across context and cultures. This is borne out in worship, eucharist and prayers, beginning with the opening Holy Communion Service on September 13, and proceeding with worship in plenary each day thereafter, midday worship and evening prayer. Sunday worship takes place in local congregations.

The second dimension of the program is that of decision-making. In addition to holding business sessions, attendees will address constitutional matters, and hold elections, principally those of LWF President and Council. Significant reports are presented, these being the address of the President, report of the General Secretary, report of the Chair of the Finance Committee. In addition, the reports of the Assembly committee and of the nominations committee will be received. The reading and approval of public statements, resolutions, and the Assembly message is a core outcome of the Assembly.

The final dimension is mutual enrichment through joint reflection and discernment. This will include Bible studies, group discussions, thematic plenary sessions, a keynote address, village groups and regional meetings, the jarmark/marketplace, exposure and visits. Part of the program is a visit to the nearby Museum and Memorial of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The Assembly is preceded by the youth and women’s pre-Assemblies, and the executive committee and Council meetings. It is followed by the first meeting of the newly elected LWF Council.


Schedule of meetings: 


  • Women Pre-Assembly: 8-11 September in Wroclaw. 
  • Youth Pre-Assembly: 8-11 September in Wisla Malinka. 
  • Men Pre-Assembly: 11-12 September in Krakow. 
  • Executive Committee: 12 September morning in Krakow
  • Pre-Council meeting: 12 September afternoon in Krakow
  • Post Council meeting: 20 September all day in Krakow

Arrival and departure dates: 

Women Pre-Assembly in Wroclaw - ARRIVAL in Krakow airport on 07 September 2023 BEFORE 18:00 then either a 2-hour bus ride to Wroclaw or direct travel to Wroclaw by plane or train. On 11 September 2023, all the women will be transported by bus to Krakow for the Assembly. DEPARTURE from Krakow begins 19 September 2023 after 18:00. 

Youth Pre-Assembly in Wisla Malinka - ARRIVAL in Krakow on 07 September 2023 BEFORE 18:00 then a 2.5 hours bus ride to Wisla Malinka. On 11 September 2023 the youth will travel by bus to Krakow for the Assembly. DEPARTURE from Krakow begin 19 September 2023 after 18:00. 

Men Pre-Assembly in Krakow - ARRIVAL on 10 September 2023. 

Executive Committee - ARRIVAL on 11 September 2023.

Pre-Council Meeting - ARRIVAL: on 11 September 2023 or BEFORE 09:00 AM on 12 September 2023.

LWF General Assembly - ARRIVAL on 12 September 2023 in Krakow and DEPARTURE begins 19 September 2023 AFTER 18:00. 

Post Council Meeting: Please ensure departure on 20 September 2023 AFTER 18:00, or 21 September 2023.


The Assembly will take place at the ICE Krakow Congress Center, a modern, multi-functional facility located in the heart of Kraków, and described as the city’s business and cultural showpiece. It includes a three-level foyer with a view of the Wawel Royal Castle.

ICE Krakow Congress Center