Resolution on strengthening theological education

The LWF Assembly resolves as follows:

  1. To call on LWF member churches to prioritize investing in theological education and the sharing of resources to support the sustainability of theological institutions; 
  2. To encourage LWF member churches and their theological institutions to improve their curricula with content that addresses misleading theologies and promotes responsible theologies as defined in the message of the Thirteenth LWF Assembly;
  3. To call on the LWF Communion Office to enhance its networking role with LWF member churches and theological institutions, to further strengthen and improve the theological education and formation network, the LWF Learning Platform, and the LWF scholarships program; and 
  4. To call for the creation of transformative Lutheran theologies that address gender justice with the aim of including them in the core curriculum of theological studies at universities and Bible colleges and ensuring that they are an integral part of the education of ministers, Sunday school teachers and others carrying faith formation responsibilities within our churches.