Resolution on an Intergenerational Justice Policy

The LWF Assembly resolves as follows:

  1. To call on the LWF Council to develop an Intergenerational Justice Policy;
  2. To call on the LWF Council to make sure that the Intergenerational Justice Policy includes a framework for advancing the leadership of young people alongside all generations and includes examining the generational balance of the Vice - Presidents, the Executive Committee and the Delegates to the Assembly within the regions;
  3. To call of the LWF Council to convene a task force to develop the policy and to follow the progress of this task force annually;
  4. To call on the LWF Council to ensure that the task force will honor the LWF gender quotas, be representative of the regions and be made up of at least 50% people under 30 at the time of convening, and request the task force to propose policy recommendations which consider contextual realities, meaningful participation for young people in faith communities, and consider the ways in which intergenerational justice is vital to people of faith; 
  5. To call on the LWF Council to request the task force to recommend a policy for adoption by the Council by 2026.