Resolution on indigenous peoples

Indigenous people’s rights and the Lutheran World Federation

The LWF Assembly resolves as follows: 

  1. To reaffirm the resolution from Winnipeg 2003 which called on the LWF to initiate a specific program for Indigenous Peoples, initiate theological study processes and support a process at the national, regional and international levels for protecting human rights of Indigenous peoples, including land rights;
  2. To call on the LWF Communion Office to ensure that work on indigenous people is included in the new strategy for indigenous work; 
  3. To call on the LWF Communion Office to collaborate and share learnings with the WCC central office conducting this work;
  4. To call on the LWF Communion Office to support LWF member churches to commit to investigating their own truth and reconciliation processes together with indigenous populations within their own contexts and to support indigenous people to acquire contacts across national borders that separate the indigenous population from each other and others; and
  5. To call on the LWF to offer a dedicated space in conjunction with the Assemblies for delegates for indigenous peoples in the form of, for example, a Pre-Assembly.