Resolution on inclusivity and participation

The LWF Assembly resolves as follows:

  1. To call on the LWF Communion Office to prepare a process of evaluating LWF events, such as Assemblies, Council meetings and other similar events with an emphasis on inclusion, full and active participation, and representation; 
  2. To call on the LWF Communion Office to support LWF member churches in the development of accessible liturgical resources, such as music and prayers, as well as other resources. This inclusive approach should incorporate sign language interpreters, Braille materials, assistive technologies where needed, and any other necessary approaches for full and active participation; 
  3. To call on the LWF Communion Office to encourage LWF member churches to foster a culture of understanding and acceptance for any who face mental health challenges, encouraging an environment of solidarity and support;
  4. To call on the LWF at all levels to recognize the importance of youth involvement in decision-making processes, presentations, and planning committees to ensure that the voices and perspectives of young people are heard and valued; and
  5. To call on the LWF Council to ensure that the Men's Pre-Assembly continues in the future, and to explore ways and opportunities for men to gather and continue the conversations that have arisen in this Assembly and from regional expressions.