Resolution on the climate emergency

The LWF Assembly resolves as follows:

  1. To call on the LWF to continue with its efforts to encourage, support and accompany LWF member churches and other people affected by climate change through appropriate programs; and sharing of best practices, resources, and knowledge;
  2. To call on the LWF Communion Office to strengthen its advocacy for climate justice at all levels, including by encouraging LWF member churches to incorporate climate justice campaigns into their activities;
  3. To call on the LWF Communion Office to support, as appropriate, the protection of the rights and dignity of environmental defenders and people displaced by climate change impacts, including by the provision of the necessary humanitarian and livelihoods assistance;
  4. To call on the LWF Communion Office to intensify the LWF’s efforts towards reducing emissions and pollution by putting in place a Paris Agreement-aligned viable plan of action, with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030;
  5. To encourage LWF member churches to reduce their emissions to contribute to the action plan mentioned above, within their contexts;
  6. To encourage LWF member churches to emphasize the importance of eco-theology as a framework for integrating spiritual and ethical values into environmental stewardship, articulating our theological basis for the care of creation, sharing technical knowledge, and advocating for climate justice; and 
  7. To call on the LWF Communion Office to develop a climate justice policy and materials on the relationship between the climate emergency and human rights.