Public Statement on Religious and Ethnic Minorities in Asia

The Lutheran World Federation Assembly expresses its solidarity with LWF member churches and other communities who are living as minorities, especially in the Asia Region.

The LWF Assembly stands in solidarity and expresses its deep concern to all the suffering and violence the Christian minorities in their own countries are facing. As an example, we recognize the situation of indigenous peoples, tribal people, the Dalits, and Adivasis, some of whom are members of our own churches, who have long been marginalized and oppressed under structural systems that have been designed to exclude them.

Like many other marginalized groups, Christians in minority settings in Asia are disproportionately affected by numerous challenges including violations of their human rights and dignity, environmental disasters, and poverty among others. We note particularly that their freedom of religion or belief has, in the recent past, been severely diminished.

Apart from their struggles, these minority communities offer rich cultures and traditions that we can all learn from including sustainable living, especially in these ecologically challenging times.

The LWF Assembly calls:

  1. LWF member churches continue standing in solidarity and act upon any injustices happening to any Member Church facing any kind of violence due to its minority situation. 
  2. On the Government of India and other governments to ensure the protection of the human rights, justice and dignity for all.
  3. On the LWF member churches stand in solidarity and support Dalits and Adivasis sisters and brothers in their ministries, including through continued advocacy at all levels.