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Stewards program

Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert
Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

A special group of young people at the Assembly will be the stewards. This Assembly will bring together 25 young people from all over the world. They will contribute by supporting the background logistical work that makes the Assembly possible.

The stewards program will provide a space for idea sharing, leadership development, and increased understanding of the LWF and the workings of its highest decision and policy-making body, the Assembly.

Aspects of the program

  1. Hands-on leadership development and participation at the Youth Pre-Assembly.
  2. Enhancing participation and contribution of young people to the life of the LWF and its member churches through exposure to the work of the Assembly.
  3. Supporting the smooth running of the Assembly by performing assigned tasks.

In addition to this, stewards will also experience parts of the Assembly program by attending some of its plenary sessions and evening briefings given by youth delegates.

Stewards are young leaders committing time, energy, skills and knowledge to ensure the Assembly’s success and facilitate the LWF’s next steps into the future.

Stewards are called upon to perform various tasks that make deliberation, decision-making and worshipping at the Assembly possible. But in the church’s life, stewardship goes beyond the performance of technical, administrative or logistical tasks. Instead, it is a principle based on acknowledging the goodness of all God’s gifts and a desire to use them to serve God and neighbor.

Duration of the program

Three online preparations and meetings will be held during the months leading to the Assembly.

The Assembly Stewards Program itself will last from 7 to 20 September. It will include the following components:

  • 7 September: Arrivals together with Global Planning Committee Members attending the Youth Pre-Assembly / Induction Meeting
  • 8-11 September: Youth Pre-Assembly in Wisla Malinka
  • 11-12 September: Volunteer induction in Krakow
  • 13-19 September: LWF Thirteenth Assembly in Krakow
  • 20 September: Breakdown, evaluation and farewell

Profile, attributes and qualification

Stewards should be under 30 years of age at the time of the Assembly. They should speak and understand English and, ideally, one or more of the other LWF official languages: German, Spanish, and French. A requirement is experience in the youth work of the LWF member church to which they belong at the national level. They must also be familiar with the LWF‘s work with young people  and/or be active in their local or regional youth networks.

Some of the personal attributes required of stewards are:

  • Initiative: a readiness to be proactive as an individual and within a team
  • Communication: an ability to express ideas and feelings as well as listen across cultures
  • Teamwork: to know what it means to be part of a team and build community in an international and multicultural context
  • Patience: for work that may seem menial or insignificant and see value in it
  • Problem-solving: to be ready to tackle problems that arise and offer solutions

In addition, a fundamental interest to learn and be involved in one or several areas of work (outlined in the next section and defined in the application form) in which stewards‘ assistance will be required.

Areas of work and composition of stewards’ teams

A Stewards Coordinator will coordinate and ensure the flow of work of stewards and their well-being. The Assembly Office determines the areas of work and the number of Stewards assigned per team according to identified needs.

The composition of the stewards’ teams will be done jointly by the Assembly Coordinator and Stewards Coordinator, considering the stewards’ specific skills, their work preferences, and ensuring gender, language and geographical balances.

Following are the areas of work where stewards will be involved at the Assembly:

  1. Plenary and floor management
  2. Communications
  3. Worship
  4. Documentation
  5. Registration and information desk
  6. Space and room management
  7. Responding to spontaneous requests as determined by the Stewards Coordinator

Quotas will be distributed according to the budget and the following guidelines:

  • Poland – 3 persons
  • Central and Western Europe Region – 2 persons
  • Nordic Region – 2 persons
  • Central and Eastern Europe Region – 2 persons
  • Africa Region – 4 persons
  • Asia Region – 4 persons
  • Latin America and the Caribbean Region – 4 persons
  • North America Region – 1 person
  • Additional – 2 persons from any region


Stewards are volunteers. A small stipend will be given at the start of the program and a certificate at the end. The LWF will cover the cost of travel and board but encourages those interested to fundraise and contribute towards these costs as well. The LWF will work in collaboration with the steward’s member church to cover visa and in-country transportation costs on an as-needed basis.

Application process

Applications are open to all young people born after 19 September 1992, and who are members of an LWF member church.

Interested applicants, please fill in an application form and submit the form with the required member church endorsement by 30 September 2022.

Link to apply: LWF Stewards Online Application Form

Endorsement letters from the member church can be emailed by either the applicant or the member church to [email protected]  with the subject line “LWF Stewards Endorsement”

Successful applicants will be informed by 1 December 2022.

Program Contact:

Ms Savanna Sullivan
Program Executive for Youth
Department for Theology, Mission and Justice

[email protected]